Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Part Fish

After waking very early one morning this summer to get Nathan signed up for swimming lessons we have started them again this year.  I love to take the opportunity when the kids are swimming to swim laps myself.  Swimming is one of my favourite activites, so I'm feeling so happy about being in the water again.  There's something about being in the water that makes my heart so happy.  It' like I was born to be in the water.  I feel so light and so graceful gliding through the water.  I can get into a rythm of breathing and over the last couple of years I've become good at turning my head to both sides when breathing.  

I feel the same happiness and content anytime I'm in the water.  I love the beach and swimming in the water there.  I'm sure the sunshine and the vitamin D help, but something about having water all around me that makes me happy. Maybe living by the water is something I should plan for in my retirement. 


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Lori Campbell said...

I'm not a strong swimmer but I love water in a different way. Considering that I'm born and raised in the city, I really, Really, REALLY love living by the water! (Though I've only been able to do it for short periods of time on vacation). I would love to live near the ocean. It has such a profound effect on the body and the soul.