Friday, September 11, 2015

Fashion Friday

Another busy week at work, but that meant lots of fancy work clothes. 
 Here is my weekend outfit.  When I was a teenager I was pretty 'grunge'  I liked to buy all my clothes with holes and old that you could spit through them.  I remember my dad once saying I looked homeless.  Of course it was the trend and as a teenager you really want to fit in.  When I was a teen I had a pair of patch jeans I just loved.  I bought this pair from old navy this summer and quite like them too.  And ccan you spot the photo bomb?
 It got warm later this week.  So here is a maxi dress with red shoes, cardigan and belt.

 Really hot today so it's a chambray skirt and a black tank.
 A cute navy shirt with birds and navy pants and brown flats.
THis is so hard to see...  But skinny black pants with an orange blouse and scarf.  Auntie Karen loved this one. 

Till TOmorrow


1 comment:

Goofball said...

there is an orange photo bomb!!

hmm patched jeans, haven't seen any of those lately. I did notice how popular the blue striped maxi dresses were in Canada this summer. Have seen a couple in Belgium but not nearly as frequently as during our Canada vacation!!

I really love that navy shirt with birds, that's the best of this week.