Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fashion Friday

This week is a little more varied in my fashion choices.  Some casual, some work and a couple of days I wore scrubs, but I think take a picture of that.  
Here I am in jeans and a gap shirt.  I really like the bit of detailing in the back so that's why I too a picture of the back.
Here was one of the work outfits.  It's one of my favoutire shirts as it has all Paris monuments  and it's a good color too.  It's from Banana Republic, as well as the brown dress pants.  The sweater is the gap.  

 Here's what I wore for my birthday.  It's a blue dress with buttons down the front with black tights and boots.  Blue dress is gap.  The tights were from Bootlegger, but I promptly threw them out.  They were 'low rise' so they kept falling down.  Tights need to be high rise.
 Here are my purple hush puppy shoes with a purple cardigan.  Black slim pants and a black dress shirt.  Pants and cardigan are gap, but shirt is Reitmans!

And this outfit was yesterday.  It's with those confusing pants... are you dress pants, casual, jogging pants.  Who nows.  But they are super comfy.  They are  from Winner too.  And the black shirt is from American Eagle.  Jean Jacket is gap though....

Till Tomorrow


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