Friday, September 25, 2015

Gratitude on a Friday.

I have so much in my life to be grateful for and while sometimes this month I feel like I've been struggling to maintain my usually joyful self, in the busy-ness of back to work, after some yoga last night and a fantastic morning I spent some time sitting in the sunshine going over the hundreds of things I have to be grateful for.

It was parent teacher interviews this morning and both teachers had really good things to say about the boys.  Nathan's teacher talked about what a fun and happy kid he was.  How he's not allowed to sit on the carpet with his best friend cause they talk to much.  But he shows so much love to all the kids in his class.  He is kind and generous.

Lucas's teacher said a lot of the same things.  He always volunteers for things and how there was a new girl in his class and Lucas did a great job of making her feel welcome and included.  She really appricated that and so did the girl.

I'm so grateful for the amazing children I have.  I know part of it is my contribution and part of it is Darryl and part of it is the community that have helped to raise them.  But I also think a bit of it is luck.

Yesterday I got to go to yoga with my best friend.  And that sentence has so much to be grateful for.  While I did miss my mom there, I was still so happy and glowing, especially after a busy week.   A week where my balance was off again and trying to find it has been my challenge this month.  I don't think I'm quite there yet, but certainly trying... and enjoying the beautiful weather, sounds of my good children and looking forward to seeing my awesome husband on this Friday.

Till Tomorrow


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Anonymous said...

That entry made me cry, I can empathize with you. Keep up the positivity, it is one of your many strong points. Take time to pat yourself on the back too!