Wednesday, September 23, 2015


My boys and I are frenchies. We all went or go to French immersion so I love it when we put our French accent on things.

Tonight Lucas was looking up cars. Called it a Buick La Sabre.  Instead of le saber.  

Alexis and I once took a road trip to Las Vegas. When we went through Boise Idaho, I pronounced it the French way. Like Framboise. She laughed hysterically and corrected me. It's Boy-z. 

Nathan loves to roll his Rs.  When he pronounces work it sounds so funny. It's a mix between a French and Boston accent. Woak. 

Till Tomorrow



Goofball said...

haha Boise and Lake Pend Oreille caused many pronunciation discussions when i was an exchange student in the Kootenays :)

Lori Campbell said...

I love it! I gave up on French in high school but I'd be willing to learn it now...preferably by living in Paris for a year. Pain du chocolat every day!!

Anonymous said...

Nathan's WOAK is our favorite word. One day he will not say it that way, which will mean he has turned another corner, so we will have to remember it ourselves, and share his little accent at an appropriate time. Grammy