Sunday, October 14, 2012

Zoo Day

In September when we went to NYC, we went to the zoo in Central Park.  Darryl loved it and took a lot of pictures.  When we got home and I was going through the pictures I realized I have more pictures of animals then I do of all other things "New York".  (More details on the NYC trip coming up this week.) It made me realize that we don't take Darryl to the zoo often enough here, as I wasn't as excited about the NYC zoo as Darryl, Lori and Mackenize, but it's because I take the kids to the zoo all the time.  So today we took Darryl to the zoo.

It was kind of an overcast day, but it gave us a chance to see lots of the animals.  Plus it wasn't as busy, but still very warm.  Even the penguins, we were able to walk right in!  Here are some of the picture highlights:

 Here's Lucas with the two hippos, one of them new to the Calgary Zoo.

Here's on of my favorite pictures with the beautiful fall colors!

 Here's another new addition to the zoo, it's the three baby tigers (although they are already really big)
 Riding the Lion Statue
 Lucas making friends with Yolande, the baby gorilla.

 Lucas the Butterfly Whisperer.  He's got a pretty good way of getting the butterflies to walk on his finger. 

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Alberta said...

Awesome photo with the fall colours. Looks like another memorable trip to the zoo for everyone.

Lesley said...

I think we actually go to the zoo the most in the winter. It gives us a place to walk around for a couple hours on the mild weather days and the zoo is usually super quiet so there's no lineups or crowds.

Lori Campbell said...

Oh, the zoo! I am constantly jealous that you have a zoo in your city. If we had one here, I'd have a membership and go all the time!

Goofball said...

I love the Calgary zoo!