Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Conversation with Lucas

My favorite food is: Candy
My favorite sport is: Soccer
The coolest person on the earth is: My family
When I grow up I'm going to be: Police Officer
My favorite color is: orange and blue
My favorite song is: LMFAO and Jack Johnson
My favorite season is: Summer
If I could go anywhere in the world I'd go: Paris
When I was little I use to: love cars
My favorite school subject is: Math and Gym
My best friend is: Henry, Elliot, Shaun and Matt
My favorite snack is:  Chips and Salsa
My favorite movie is: Madagascar 3
I'm really good at: Soccer
My favorite thing about summer is: Going outside
My favorite thing about winter is: Having hot chocolate
I love the book: Harry Potter Series
A food I don't like is:  Cauliflower
If I had one wish it would be: My house would never burn down
My favorite thing to do with Nathan is: Play
My favorite thing to do with Dad is: Play video games and lego
My favorite thing to do with Mom is: Swim


Susan said...

Love the pic. He looks good with the scarf.

Alberta said...