Sunday, October 07, 2012

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month 54

Dear Nathan,

Today you turn 54 months old.  I haven't wrote you a monthly newsletter in ages, but with the advent of blogging again this month here is a newsletter for you.

This month you started school, preschool.  It's only two mornings a week, but you are enjoying it.  It was great cause there was no drama with you, you ran off without knowing anyone, see you dad.  It's great that you are feeling so confident and social. You are enjoying all the different activities and the teachers.  You have yet to make a good friend there, but it may still come.  One other good thing about preschool is that they did an assessment of all of your skills, fine motor, large motor, language skills and all of them were fine.  We weren't sure about your language skills as you still talk like a little kid and not a big kid yet, but we were happy to hear they are right on track to where they are suppose to be.   It's good because you are really will to try and put your tongue in different positions if you are pronouncing a word incorrectly.

Speaking of good friends, thy other night we were having a conversation about your friend Cameron and that he was only going to be at Lesley's for a couple more weeks.  Although it's been mentioned to you before, this time it really upset you.  It's nice that you know you are understanding what it all means, even though it made you very sad.

You had a great summer.   We all loved being together.  We did so many fun things.  Going to Kelowna, rafting do the elbow river, science center, zoo.  We taught you lots but had such a fun time doing it all.  You are a lot of fun to be around.  You are still in a stage where you like to snuggle (which I hope lasts a long time) and you tell people you love them and you give kisses.

We all love you too Nathan, you make it pretty easy.

love mom


Alberta said...

Yay Nathan!!!! He's always smiling when I see him!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Nathan! You don't need one good friend because everybody likes you, so you can be with anyone and be with a friend!
I love you Nathan, and Keep On Smiling!
Love from Grammy

Lesley said...

I think Nathan and Cameron will be good friends like Elliot and Lucas even though they'll be in different schools.

Nathan is such a smiley happy kid!