Saturday, October 06, 2012

What I Wore: October 06

One of my favorite bloggers, Ali, use to work outside the home and she would post a weekly roundup of what she wore. I loved those posts on the weekend to see what cool clothes she wore.  I wear nothing as cool, but I thought for this month and to fill the Saturdays I could post what I wore during the week. The only glitch with this is most days I wear scrubs. Which I love and are ridiculously comfortable, but don't make for the most entertain fashion post. So for each of the weeks the clothes will be limited to what I wear on my days off. So here we go:


Pants: Old Navy (a couple of years old, but wide leg with cool pockets)
Shirt and Cardigan: Gap Outlet ( I was smart this time and bought the matching color at the matching time)
Shoes: Teva Sandals.


Pants: Roots, green color skinny leg
Shirt: Old Navy, grey, boat neck, again a couple of years old
Shoes: Polkadot Toms!

Pants: Seven for Mankind Jeans
Tank: Navy blue Old navy
Cardigan: Garage (which I normally never buy stuff there but it was cool, and a good deal)


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Lesley said...

This was a great idea!!! Love it Jenn. I don't think I ever shop at Garage either but I really like the cardigan.