Tuesday, October 02, 2012

New Music Tuesday

Around these parts I have a "club" called New Music Tuesday club.  If you have ever read this blog or know me at all I LOVE music.  I buy new music all the time.  Sometimes it's good and sometimes not so much.   I thought I would share new music Tuesday on the Tuesday of this challenge.  I'm going to share two songs with you this week. 

The first one is an Ed Sheeran song.  It was my theme song for September, since it was a very busy month, with both fun and work activities.  Ed has become one of my favorite artists (at least for the moment).  I like how he raps, uses a loop machine and an acoustic guitar. 


Next is the CD which has been on repeat since it came out last Tuesday, Mumford and Sons.  Almost all of the songs on the CD I really love.  Here is one of my favorites.  Mumford is great becuase of the power in his voice, banjo and the way there music builds.  This might be my favorite one.  I love it how there are times they just harmonize. 

Now it's your turn?  What's your favorite song this week/Month?



Lesley said...

Woo hoo for New Music Tuesdays!

I'm really into that Eric Hutchinson song Watching You Watch Him. It's so catchy!

Michelle said...

I like the new Taylor Swift song, We Are Never Getting Back Together. Such a great teenage summer time power to woman song!! I so would have sang that loud and proud when I was younger and single.....
And, on the music note, husband was so happy to see himself on a commercial on TV. The new one where the guy is "steering wheel" drumming to Rush. Rush is his fav and he was never so happy to hear them on a car commercial. lol