Monday, October 01, 2012

October Challenge

This year for my birthday Lesley gave me a challenge (along with a wonderful mug and delicious tea and makeup).  We are going to blog each day this month (even the weekends) and 5 of the 7 days need to have pictures.  Lesley and I have been friends for 7 years now so I'm figuring she knows me very well.  First off the tea, I love tea, but more on that later, but she also knows that I can't turn down a challenge.  Or if someone says I can't do something it motivates me to do it even better!  She also probably knows I'm pretty cheap and whoever looses this challenge has to take the other one to the movies.  So I'm pretty on board for this challenge. 

For Lesley's first day she posted a great blog about her superfun weekend.  My weekend was not as fun, so instead I'm going to post my 10 favorite things about Monday, because really Monday is a pretty crappy day, but I try to always be the optimist, so here we go:

1. I got to car pool with my best friend.  Which makes for car rides to be 1000x more fun then going by myself.
2. Somehow I am always organized on Monday mornings,  I think I prepare best on Sundays. 
3. We made the bus!  Which got moved up by 15 minutes two weeks ago and we have had trouble catching it.  Also see point 2.
4. We had a crazy situation at work, and sometimes there is comfort in just accepting it and knowing nothing you can do will change it.
5. Also at work I got 5 things crossed off my to do list
6. I also got a package at work, that I was very excited about (but then when I saw everything I had to read I realized it was just alot of work)
7. There are new 'mots de semaine' which is exciting to see what words Lucas is going to practice this week. 
8. It's beautiful outside.  I'm sitting outside enjoying the weather (as it is suppose to snow here tomorrow night)
9. Totally smorgy-ing it tongiht for dinner.  I don't have a real plan, so it's fish (but not the chips) and maybe kraft dinner instead.
10.  We have great neighboors and the kids are playing happily with them while I write this. 

Hope there were some good parts about your Monday!



Lesley said...

It's like you hadn't stopped blogging at all Jenn!

I liked your post, I'm not sure I could think of 10 positive Monday things, ha ha. Maybe next Monday!

Anonymous said...

I love when you bloggers do challenges. It makes for good reading for all of us who love the family and home information. Am looking forward to good reading and pictures this Month, but do not stress yourself out.
Love from the mom- in- law and Grammy.