Monday, October 08, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I've said it every year.  This year I worked for most of the day and then came home to Darryl's delicious turkey dinner.   It's exactly the way it should be.  Having all the people and delicious food, all things I am thankful for.  As our usual tradition we went around the table and talked about all the things we were thankful for. It ranged from all the children of the world, to a safe house, to living closer to family and being able to see well again (Oma had her cataracts removed)  But the number one thing most of us are grateful for was the people in our family.

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!



Michelle said...

I need to start this tradition. It's a good one.

Alberta said...

Sounds like a wonderful time for all!