Tuesday, October 09, 2012

New Music Tuesday: Weakerthans

For the longest time, well probably 10 years.  My favorite band was the Barenaked Ladies.  They wrote great songs (bank robbers cannot rob banks because it's filled with nuns or window washers etc. ) and had stunning harmonies and rounds in there songs.   I would listen to them all the time.  I would attend all of their concerts, once I did this and another time we did this (best vacation ever).  Then Steve left the band.  I was heartbroken.  I love music and without Steve BNL is just not the same, I had trouble listening to their music.  So while on the best vacation ever, I found the Weakerthans. 

They are a Canadian band from Winnipeg.  They are the best song writers EVER.  Their songs provide such imagery and they are not all about being in love or being out of love.  They are about loving or hating your city, about moving out of your apartment or about cats.  Here are a couple of treasures for you.  The cat one is in honor of my neice Mackenzie, who loves cats and who turns 18 today. 

Hope you enjoyed my favorite band. 



Lesley said...

Joey snickers everytime he says Barenaked Ladies. Then asks "and WHY did they call their band that". Makes me laugh every time.

I like the Weakerthans too - all thanks to you Jenn for introducing them to me.

Lori Campbell said...

Mackenzie loved that you included her in your post! At the moment she's counting the sleeps until I take her to the cat show on Sunday.