Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Day I Turned 33

We did something awesome.

It all started about 4 months ago when my dad was talking about getting back into shape.  He said he was going on his staitionary bike in the basement.  My sister and I talked about "smart" goals, specific measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound.  I suggested for Thanksgiving we should all ride the bike path between Canmore and Banff.  But my sister thought it might be snowing then, so we decide to do it for my birthday.

So for my 33rd birthday off I went to do the bike path between Canmore and Banff.  Unfortunately Mom and Dad were in Hawaii so they couldn't do it with us, but I did follow through on the goal.  We headed out to Canmore where we rented a trailer for Nathan then asked the rental place where we should start from.  They suggested we could start from their store and leave our cars there.  So off we headed

It was a beautiful ride that wasn't overly challenging. It was all nicely paved and had a beautiful spot to stop.


As with a lot of my adventures I don't always have an exact plan. I have an idea but since I've never done it before there are parts of it I just figure out while I'm in it. Once we got to Banff it was 3:45. It had taken us about 2 hours to get there. But the trailer needed to be back in Canmore in an hour and 15 minutes. Earlier in the day the big boys stated they wanted to bike both ways so Darryl, Pat and Matt headed back to Canmore. Tammy and I loitered at a park of a time share resort we stayed at oh... 15 years ago...

 At one point Shaun needed to use the washroom, so I took him to the lobby. While waiting for him I overheard a videographer looking for the "Stoic Wedding" and where does my brain go, to congratulations or that nice. Nope I make a mental note of the name just in case someone tries to kick us out of the playground. "Oh no we are here for the Stoic wedding"... ha ha I think it's from watching all that Alias.

Also at one point I saw something in the forest behind the park, being in the mountains (and not getting a good look) I thought, look a fox. Ends up it was just a squirrel. After an hour the boys came back to get us and we headed to Canmore and the Iron Goat for a delicious birthday dinner, while the Three Sisters were out the window.

Definitely a memorable birthday!



Lesley said...

That's funny about the Stoic info you cleverly tucked away!!!

That was a great way to celebrate - I love that you think outside the box like that Jenn!

Goofball said...

happy birthday!!