Saturday, October 20, 2012

What I wore: October 20th

On Monday I went wedding dress "picking up" with my friend Jodie. I should really be posting a picture of her looking like a princess in her dress, but I wouldn't want to spoil the special moment for everyone else, so instead, this is what I was wearing: Shirt: Gap (last season) Pants: Also Gap, there a thinner denim though so comfortable in the heat Shoes: Black Flats: Locale
This was my work outfit on Wedneday. I really liked it. Shirt: Gap Outlet, it's a brown tunic Pants: Green ones from Roots Boots: Brown ones from Winners.

Today I did Open House at SAIT, so I'm wearing a sponsered (and free) open house red shirt from SAIT Jeans: Seven for all Mankind Shoes: Red Runners by Merrill.

Really looking at all these pictures, my hair.  It's EXACTLY the same everyday.  I feel bad for Darryl and the kids who get no variety..... I guess that's what it is when you have curly hair.


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Lesley said...

My hair looks messy all the time being straight and often straggly. I love your curly hair!

And your red shoes!!!!