Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Last of the Awesome Things from September

When Mackenzie (our niece) turned 16 years old we made a "deal" with her.  Rather then buy her presents for the next couple of years (because really how much do clothes and makeup mean (although I guess they do mean a lot to a teenager))  Darryl and I thought it would be more fun to make some memories and take her to New York City instead.  So the second last weekend of September, off we went. 

Here are some of our highlights:

Food.  New York City has the BEST food.  And usually it's all quite reasonably priced.  The first night Darryl and I went to a little Italian Restaurant.  Darryl has his favorite, risotto and I had a delicious salmon pasta dish.  We shared a bottle of wine too.  Another night we had a 5 course thai meal in Hell's Kitchen and it was 15.95.  Hell's Kitchen had so many good restaurants, if you ever go to NYC I would recommend that area for the food.

Hotel: We stayed really close to Times Square, which was great for the walking and even though it was right beside a parole office I wasn't worried about our security.  Last time I was in NYC we were on the upper west side and we had to take the train everytime to get places.  It was nice to have the option to walk a lot of places.

Company: It was really fun to spend the 4 days with Lori and Mackenzie.  It's so nice to see them and although I don't mind going to London, it's way more fun to meet up in NYC! They were up for all the walking and sight seeing we did.  It was also fun to have a weekend with my husband who is the best company.

On Thursday we walked up 5th Ave, which has all the really posh stores.  It was there we had "breakfast at Tiffanys", went to the Apple store, walked through Louis Vitton and went to one of the greatest toys store FAO Schwartz.  There we got all kinds of cool candy and danced on the big piano from the movie Big.  After that we walked through Central Park, went to the Central Park Zoo and then went to Wicked in the evening. If you ever get a chance to see Wicked I HIGHLY recommend it.  It is the best broadway show I've ever seen.  It's so good I've seen it three times. 

On Friday we  walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and had pizza in Brooklyn.

I didn't bring the right socks so I got a blister so we took the train home and changed my shoes.

Darryl and I also had our delicious Thai Meal that day.

On Saturday we went to the 9/11 Memorial.  Which had a TON of security.

I think there was more security there then at the airport.  There were metal detectors, you had to show your free ticket about 8 times.  Above is a picture of one of the pools and fountains, which is what they did in memory of the two towers and the people who died in the tradegy.  It is a beautiful tribute, something I recommend.  Just be ready for the security.

Then we headed to Century 21 which is like a bigger and better Winners.  Then we headed to the Shake Shack!  Which is my favorite places for hamburgers and shakes and ice cream.  I highly recommend it when you go to NYC.  After that we went on the Staten Island Ferry, which has absolutely no security.  You don't need a ticket, you just get on, they don't even count how many people get on.  The staten island ferry is one of the great deals of NYC.  Free and you get a great view of the skyline as well as the Statue of Liberty. After that we headed back to the room and went to another Broadway show, Chicago.  Which was also brilliant. 

Sunday we packed up and then walked to the Davids Tea =)

On our walk we also saw Grand Central Station, which is beautiful and saw the apple store there too.

We also walked by 30 Rockefeller Center and went into the NBC store where we got a lot of very cool souvenirs from NBC's we love.  I got to pretend I was on the Voice too.   

If you ever get a chance to go to NYC, I definitely recommend it. The shows and the sights and the food are like no where else!  Okay Mackenzie and Lori, where do we meet up next?



Lesley said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe how many cool things you did in NYC!!!

I think that's our next tourist destination for sure!

Alberta said...

NYC has been on my bucket list for quite some time. I'd love to visit through the Christmas season.

You are a rockin' aunt Jenn!

Lori Campbell said...

We had such a blast in NYC! It was definitely surreal...everything you see on television but SO MUCH MORE!!

Next up suggestion...Vegas when Mackenzie turns 21?