Monday, October 22, 2012

Davids Tea

One thing that I haven't blogged about, that is hands down my favorite "thing" of the last year and a half is Davids Tea. It is a loose leaf tea company. I had seen many of the beautiful teal bags while shopping in Southcentre, but didn't check them out till I did my year with no pop. I started drinking lots of tea is that year. Mom and Dad have always had tea around, so I've always enjoyed it even as a kid. This foray into tea has been abundant and delicious.

Now I've tried 108 of the 209 teas they have. I loved iced tea in the summer and hot tea in the winter. I wait excitedly to see what their new tea of the months are or their collections. For the first year I would buy every new tea they put out. But in the past while I've had to be more picky. Partly because I need to have space and partly because of the cost.

Davids tea is great because

  1. It's a Canadian company, love to support local greatness.
  2. The customer service is INCREDIBLE. And everywhere. We went to one in NYC and the service was still so good. I'm amazed that they are able to be SO consistent with the excellent customer service. I've never had a bad experience and I go alot. The ladies at Southcentre even know myself and the boys.
  3. The teas are delicious, which I guess is the most important, and they have so many varieties. Black or Mate or Oolong in the morning. Green tea in the afternoon and herbal or rooibos in the evening. 
  4. They have great products.  My favorites are the steeper for ice tea and Asian style tea mug.  I also really like there tea bag and my travel mug. 
  5. Tea makes for a great gift.  Most everyone enjoys tea and for about a year I gave it to everyone I knew. =)

Davids Tea in Penticton

Davids Tea in Toronto (one of the many)

 David's Tea in Whistler

Davids Tea in NYC

Can you tell it's my favorite!



Alberta said...

Yum...tea :)

Darryl said...

You should post a tweet to your article to @DavidsTea. A good testimonial for them. And maybe they'll thank you by giving you a gift card or something. :)

Lesley said...

I find I drink way more tea in the fall/winter.

I've learned that steeping time can really make or break tea, lol.

The Tea Addict said...

I agree. David's tea is definitely one of the best tea shops out there. I especially love that they are Canadian. We have so many where I live, my fix is just around the corner. Which tea is your favorite?