Saturday, October 13, 2012

What I Wore October 13th

 HEre's what I wore today shopping, but in hindsight, no the most flattering, so I won't be wearing it again.

Black Jeans: Old Navy
Black Toms
Black Tank: Old Navy
Green Henly: Also OldNavy
 This was a good outfit.. it incorporated a scarf and I love scarves.

Boots: Winners
Jeans: Skinny, Banana Republic
Shirt: Brown Old Navy
Scarf: Present from Alexis =)

This was my work outfit this week
Black Flats: Locale (which is my favortie shoe store and I think it's going out of buisness)
Black Jeans: Old Navy
Shirt: RW and Co

Last Monday outfit:

Jeans: Sevens
Grey Tank Top Underneath: Got at a store in London, whose name eludes me but has incredibly cheap and cool clothes..... Alexis if you are reading this and remember can you put it in the comments
Striped Sweater: Old Navy

In conclusion I think I wear alot of clothes from Old Navy....



Lesley said...

I seem to wear a lot of tank tops and sweaters and Old Navy makes great tank tops.

On our most recent trip to Montana I bought 10 new tanks - 2 black 2 white and 6 different coloured ones.

At $3.50 each you can't go wrong!

Alberta said...

Wear what's comfortable! If it's fashionable too, BONUS!

Alexis Brown said...


Goofball said...

I like the top in the first combination but the combination pants (and the length of them with them) and height of your shoes does not fit. Now your pants seem too short