Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Third Child

Actually it's the first child.... although she may feel demoted as each of those kids arrived.

So Emma, she is doing well.  The last really crazy thing she did was this.  And last year at Christmas I thought I would take her off her meds.  Afterwards we came home to this

The garage door being ripped apart was also crazy.  There was certainly some frustration and uncertainty about what to do.  We took her back the the doggie psychologist who recommend some different drugs, which we tried but then we came home to more door damage.

We've resigned ourselves to the fact that Emma is so crazy she can't be by herself.  It's been good for the last 8 months as my mom has been able to take care of her on the days I work, and this fall she has been able to hang out with Auntie Karen (who works from home) on the days I work.

It's interesting because she is SUCH a good dog.  She has a special places in all of our hearts.  She causes us to be better people, be more patient and loving.  She keeps us company and shows her love for us all the time.  She is my running partner and keeps me active.   She is getting older and with the medication she is on, it keeps her calmer and she doesn't require the same amount of activity as she did, but you can see her face light up and her tail wiggle wildly with excitement every time I do take her out.



Susan said...

Yeah she is a crazy dog, but we all love her

Lori Campbell said...

Oh, Emma...Gosh, I love that dog! She may be difficult to care for but she more than makes up for it with her quiet devotion.