Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Marriage Advice

At the wedding we went to this week we tried to find something meaningful to put in the card. We looked back at our marriage (of 8 years) and tired to come up with what makes our marriage work. We both have our roles that make the marriage work and the house tick. We both know that I can get mad and irrational about stuff and sometimes rather then talking it out I just need a night to sleep on it. So don't go to bed mad, is not good advice from us. I really like the idea that you always put the other person first, but I don't really do this. I try to and I often think of it. But sometimes, I am selfish.

What we gave as advice was to not keep score. I really try not to do this. I try not to do this in most aspects of life. As long as I don't feel taken advantage of, I don't mind doing extras for people. But I try to do things because I know it will make Darryl happy, not because he had done something for me.

What about you? What is your marriage advice?



Allie said...

At my bridal shower, I had people write down on recipe cards advice for marriage, children and a prediction for the future. It was very interesting what people came up with and truthfully, the best advice was in the children section.

Advice that I would write down if it were asked of me is that communication is key. Marriage is a true partnership where you won't see eye to eye with each other every day. It is in those tough moments that you need to stick it out, support one another and remember to learn something from it; as it will only make you stronger. Share your feelings for one another on a daily basis because you just never know what could happen the next.

On an ending note, you and Darryl make a mighty fine looking couple all dressed up like that. :)

Goofball said...

I'm just trying to remind myself not to sweat the small stuff....remind that I have my own faults that must be pretty annoying to the others so that I shouldn't comment too much myself on others unless I find it very very important

Lori said...

I think my advice is that you have to be best friends first. Chances are, if you are inseparable friends before you get married then the marriage is likelier (in my opinion) to be a long and happy one.