Monday, April 06, 2009


Last week Darryl was gone to Ontario, it was a work and pleasure trip. Spent some time working and then spent the weekend with his friends and family. So I spent the week with the kids. When Darryl was planning the trip I was thinking it was too bad it wasn't a week I was still on maternity leave then I wouldn't have to worry about getting the kids to the day home in the morning. But as the week progressed I was grateful to have those 2 days of going to work. The saying you don't know what you've got until it's gone rang very true last week. One of the greatest things about Darryl is that he is around. He works regular hours, he does work some overtime but usually in the evenings once the boys have gone to bed. So he is there, consistently to help. I didn't realize how much I appreciate that until it's gone. The first day he was back I was out shopping and leaving Darryl with the kids. He is such a good dad.

One of the things when either Darryl or I go away there are a relaxation on the things the other one feels strongly about. When I went on the cruise last month Darryl and the kids watched TV during dinner. I don't allow this, even when Darryl was gone last week I had conversation with the 3 year old and turned the TV off. So in return, last week when Darryl was gone Lucas slept in bed with me. Darryl doesn't allow anyone sleeping in the bed with us, but I kind of like it. I think it's good to have a special thing to make it fun when there is one parent missing.

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Anonymous said...

I bend the rules too when EMs out of town...we eat all kinds of junky food and occasionally eat in front of the TV.
I also tend to put ABC to bed earlier when he's gone so I can have a bit of time to myself.

Goofball said...

For years Jan has been partially working abroad and I've always found that being apart now and then makes you appreciate the other more. Sometimes it's good to miss each other....but please not too often ;)

Jenna said...

It's so hard being the only parent around at times (I cannot imagine what it would be like to be a single mom!). I tend to be a lot more lenient on some things when it's just me watching the two of them...I think you have to be to keep some sanity!

Allie said...

I think that it makes it more fun and special when one parent is away and the other does something "special" with the children. Bending the rules is supposed to happen isn't it? :)