Monday, April 20, 2009

Monthly Newsletter- Month Forty Four

Dear Lucas,

This weekend you turned forty four months old. Things are really good with all of us. You are a good listener and well behaved. You have become easier to reason with. We are able to explain things to you and and you understand a lot better. In turn you are rewarded with fun stuff, whether it be sleeping mommy's bed or a new toy or playing outside. Daddy went away for a week this month and we had a great time together especially sleeping in bed together.

You continue to be great with your little brother. As Nathan grows older he is able to play with you more and so you are getting better at playing with him. You love to come up and listen to Nathan's books. Hugging and kissing Nathan before bed. Although you still yell at him if he is doing something you don't like. Although I think that is kind of a poor reflection on my parenting skills. I don't yell a lot but when I do get upset I do yell. And I can see that now reflected in you and Nathan.

You are loving giving hugs and kisses . When anyone leaves you want to give them a hug and a kiss. Whether it's Grandma or Auntie Lexie or Shaun or Nathan, hugs and kisses are where it's at for you.

This month you also started back at Lesley's 3 days a week. The transistion has been pretty easy for you. You really enjoy your friends at Lesley's. And you enjoy the different things that Lesley does with you compared with me.
This is your bones shirt. Hands down your favorite shirt. You love that it glows in the dark. It is the shirt we have to take off you and wash right away so that you can put it back on in a couple of hours.

You are funny, you love music. If there is not music on the house, you'll ask for it. You love most all the music I play. Today in the car we were listening to the Barenaked Ladies song "Long While" and I was explaining what the song was about. At the end you said, "This is my favorite Barenaked Ladies song". It made me so happy. In so many ways you are like Darryl. You are reserved and observant like he is. But you love music like I do and I hope we always have that in common.

We have spent lots of time outside this month as well. At the beginning of the month there was still lots of snow but Daddy would go out with you and play on the tobagganing hill he made. Later this month the snow has all melted and we have the nice weather to enjoy. I much prefer the nice weather. You have been amaing with your bike this month. We bought you a big boy bike (with training wheels) at the end of last year and you have done such a great job with riding it. One weekend even biked all the way to the store! We did stop at lots of benchs and every park, but it was so fun. I love it when we are buddies.

You are willing to say sorry for anything but it's not always heartfelt. I'll correct you for something you've done wrong and the first thing out of your mouth is sorry. I do like that you apologize when you do something wrong, now we just have to get you to think a little more about why you are apologizing.

This month someone in the blogging community lost their child. I don't really know this women only some of the words she writes. But it leaves me in tears many nights when I'm feeding Nathan or snuggling with you in bed and sharing our favorite things. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose either of you. This woman and her husband wrote this beautiful remembrances of their daughter and talked about how lucky they were to have had her in their lives. I can't imagine going on if one of you were to pass away, nevertheless getting to the point of being grateful for your life. Instead I am trying to enjoy all of my moments with you, even the bad ones, because I'd rather have all the bad ones then none at all.

with all my love



Lori said...

Ooooo! Only 80 more sleeps until I can get some of those hugs and kisses for myself! Can't wait!

Love ya,

Goofball said...

he looks so much like Darryl!