Thursday, April 09, 2009

You Capture: Week 7

This weeks theme was fun. We did have lots of fun this week with all the snow melting and not playing by Daddy's rules. Here are some highlights:

Elton John fun

Swimming fun

First birthday fun

Making funny faces at the camera fun.

Till Tomorrow




Lori said...

Those are great! I always dive onto the computer each day when I get home and flip through the many blogs I read each day...yours being the top of the list, of course! Now often, the posts don't show up until later in the evening but today...voila! There were all of these great pictures! What a delight at the end of the work day. Love 'em!

Shell said...

Fun shots!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

those are some fun shots

Bacardi Mama said...

Definitely fun pictures. great job.

Goofball said...

those pictures truly made me laugh

Alice said...

i love the "swimming fun" and that fact that you posted it :O) you look like a fun kind of person! love your little fellow - what a cutie! thanks for sharing.

my You Capture post this week features kids and balloons. there is always room for you in The Shadow of the Cross. feel free to visit anytime.

Christy M. said...

Lots of fun going on at your house! I love you in the swim cap and goggles :)

Catie said...

Lots of fun!! I LOVE the swimming fun:)