Monday, April 27, 2009


This weekend we had a wonderful treat in store for us. My amazing parents babysat our kids and our best friends kids and we all went out. Started with wine and steak from the Keg for dinner and then headed out to a concert at the University. Unfortunately when i showed up with my camera they had to call the tour manager out because it was "semi-pro", when I told them I just use it to take pictures of my kids, they still didn't let me bring it in. Another funny thing was you could really tell we were at a university. They played in a "gym" and there were lots of young people there ( I was feeling kind of old). And it was loud. Especially the Constantines. My ears were ringing, my pants were dancing (even though my legs weren't moving) after the first couple of songs. The Constantines did improve after the first couple of songs. But oh.. the Weakerthans, the reason I was there.

This band is amazing. The lyrics they write are so Canadian Pennies for the GST, provide such great imagery And they bite their mitts off to show me transfers, deposit change and make me want to sing along all the time I hate Winnipeg. Funny love songs You may role your eyes at this, but I'm so glad you exist. Such great music. I can sing along to most of the songs. And play air drums to them too, peel the corner gaurd, dance down the sheet to the tune of hurry, hurry hard Some songs are slow, some songs are fast. It was a great concert. Made me come home and download more of their songs. It also took me back to some of the great memories I had from cruise. Although there were many more people there then we out on the deck of a boat.

If you haven't heard of them I highly recommend them.

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