Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eat off the Floor

My best friend is a neat freak. She has two things on her counters and her house is a mess. I on the other hand am clean, but not over the top. Do I leave dirty dishes in the sink some nights? Yes. Do I forget to wash my bathrooms some weeks? Yes Do I only wash my sheets once a month? Yes. I vacuum/sweep every other day (although I do have two cats and a dog) I was the floors generally every week (although maybe less in the winter). So a couple of weeks ago when I was watching my best friends son he didn't want to eat the ice cream sandwich I had dropped on the floor, so I gave it to Lucas. Then I dropped the second one on the floor and he was still hestitant to eat it (as it had germs), but he did. So I'm wondering where the "world" stands on this. So tell me, do you or your kids eat stuff off your floor?


Till Tomorrow



Goofball said...

euh, I don't have kids, but my answer would be "sometimes, depending on my mood & patience, the possibility to give them something now, the degree of filth on the floor etc...."

Jenna said...

We do it, but it is dependable on the five second rule and how clean the floors are at that time and where it might have dropped.