Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Twelve

Dear Nathan,

Happy Birthday Baby! Last night I was laying in bed remembering what I had been doing a year ago, which was being in labour. It's amazing how much a year can change things. It's been kind of an emotional day for me. I don't remember being this emtional on Lucas's first birthday, but maybe it's becuase I'm not sure if you are the last and this is the last first birthday we will celebrate as parents. Today we went for your yearly appoitment. Everything is looking good. You haven't gained alot of weight, but kind of evening out to average. We did groceries, like we do on every Tuesday and got you an Angel Food Cake for dessert. You loved it and we all sang you Happy Birthday. You looked at each one of us, myself, Lucas and Daddy in the eye with a big smile on your face. You knew something special was happening and you knew it was for you.

This month you have been working on lots of new skills. You can clap your hands and sign for milk (although usually any sort of drink will do). One of your favorite things to do is to practice going up and down the stairs. It means I spend a lot of time spotting you. But you are getting quite good at it.

One of the challenging aspects of your age is that you haven't started walking yet, but you so want to be outside. The ground is still snowy/wet, so it's been hard because we all want to be outside when it's warm, but I can only walk down low with you for so long.

You are also starting to get more vocal in your wants and needs. You'll point at something if you want it. If we go in a direction you have been pointing at your whole body shakes. you cry and fuss if we are doing something you don't want to. And if I've taken you away from something you are having fun with you arch your whole back to try and get me to put you down. Although you can say very little words you are communicating.

You are definitly an explorer. You know how to open cupboards (so we've had to move anything dangerous out of lower cupboards). You have played in Emma's water bowl and the toliet bowl, so we have to be diligent about putting toliet lids down and putting Emma's water up. I've started calling you trouble. Although maybe I should stop as I don't want it to be a self fufilling prophecy.

Well sweetheart it has been an amazing year with you. Alot of people have said "wow the year went by fast". And although it did I have trouble remembering what life was like without you. You have added so much joy to all of our lives.

Happy Birthday Baby!


Susan said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun. Sorry I couldn't be there, but we will have another celebration on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog entry Jenn:
I was tearfull by the end, but I loved the pictures, and now Darryl has taught me the right way to save them to DVD's.
I had to attend a crew meeting last night, which I had forgotten about when I said I would try to video on Nathan's b-day. Happy Birthday Nathan, from Grammy and Grandad.

Lori said...

He is just SOOOOOOOOOO smiley! What a cutie and I thoroughly enjoyed our video conference. I still can't believe that Nathan kept stopping what he was doing to grin and wave at me on the computer screen. Gosh, I love those boys of yours!

Jenna said...

Happy birthday to Nathan! Gosh, a year goes by so fast, doesn't it?

Goofball said...

hahaha look at his face on that picture at the table. Snort...hehehe too funny