Friday, April 03, 2009

Funny Tidbits from the Week

Darryl is away this week and so single motherhood has left me little time to blog. But the kids are watching Calliou and I wanted to document a couple of things.

We got Lucas some water squirters to play with in the tub. I would draw on the walls with the tub crayons and he would hit the bullseyes. For some reason he thought I was saying Bull Signs. So he asked me why there weren't any bull's in the signs. So now in the bathroom are circles with pictures of bulls in the them (although I'm no artist so they look more like insects).

Yesterday Lucas felt sick after lunch and fell asleep on the couch. 3 hours later he woke feeling great. So with all that sleep he was up at 10pm when Mom and Dad left. So I asked if he'd like to come and say goodbye. He looked outside and says " Mom I can't sleep becuase it's too foggy".

Such a funny kid.

Blogging will be more frequent next week, when I exlaim my love for my partner in crime, who I miss dearly.


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