Friday, April 03, 2009

You Capture: Week 6

Here is my pictures for this weeks challenge. The theme this week was a challenge for me, as we spent most of the week tobbaganning in our backyeard I did go searching for some signs of spring. There were a few, although you'll see the snow in most of them.)

A tulip coming up

In a few months I'll have to take another picture of this flower, rather then just the flower label. =)

Had fun experimenting with the macro lens for these pictures as well. This picture gives me hope. Even though it is suppose to snow tomorrow, there are buds on the tree.

Till Tomorrow



Stillmary said...

Well you did a really nice job photographing what you did find. You're very good with your macro! I really like all your pictures.

Becky said...

If you spent the week tobbaganning, you have more snow than we do and from the look of your pictures, the flowers are farther off too.

Goofball said...

I 'm glad I can picture real flowers already, no more labels

Jenna said...

That first photo is amazing...Hoping spring comes soon for you!