Monday, March 30, 2009

Chinese Wedding Adventure

This weekend Darryl and I were invited to his friend, Corin's wedding. Darryl, Corin and his new wife Jessie all play volleyball together. So we were happy to attend their wedding. And I love an adventure. The day started at 11 with a church cermony. It was beautiful and I didn't think I would cry, but I did. I must be getting soft in my old age. Then their was a Chinese tea ceremony (which the non asian guest were not invited to) and then the reception. The reception was a a 12 course meal. I was super excited and had a great "eat till youwant to throw up" dress.

But it wasn't that kind of meal. No chicken balls, no beef and brocolli, no ginger beef. It was all more traditional Chinese food.

The menu

The first meat platter. Ham, beef and some squishy noodles.

This picture at the end was of everyone eating it: Scallops with walnuts and snow peas.
The famous crab balls. See the little "beak" sticking out, that is surrounded by crab seafood and then deep fried.

Chicken Shark Fin Soup. Took us some time to figure this out; was it chicken? shark? A small, scaredy shark?
The abalone (large sea snail) on top of large dense mushrooms and bok choy.
Lobster in a cream sauce (not enough butter)
The whole fish. That they de-headed and deboned at the table.

The rice, the only carbohydrated dish of the meal...

There was no dancing at the wedding (which made me sad, I love the dancing), but there was lots of different games. Here is a picture of one of them. The "non" asian men of the wedding party had to take a bunch of gross things like anchovies and mini crab and move them from a plate into a bowl. The key was they only had 10 seconds and could only use chops sticks.

Jessie in her red dress and Corin.

To have the bride and groom kiss you had to act it out and they would copy you or sing a snow, by yourself or as a group and they would kiss. If i knew them better I would be all over this (note to Alexis for when she gets married), but I don't so I left it. But one of his brothers got up and him and his daugther and wife sang "the more we get together". It was so cute. But Corin and Jessie asked how they were suppose to kiss, they needed something to copy. So the brother picks up his little 2 year old and gives her a big raspberry on the belly. Everyone laughed like crazy waiting for Corin to give Jessie a big raspberry on her belly - which he didn't.

It was a fun adventure.

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Lori said...

That's sounds very cool! Good thing you two are more adventurous eaters than I am. I would have been VERY hungry after dinner! The games sound like fun. I would have been great at that chop stick one! People laugh at me all the time at work because I eat with chop sticks on a regular basis. I'm glad you had a good time and that's a lovely picture of the two of you!

Alexis said...

Jenn what r u talking cry at/about/for ALL things sentimental!!

Goofball said...

Hey Jenn, I gave you a blogging award.

Goofball said...

wow what a lot of food! always interesting to hear about other wedding traditions. Until what hour did the reception last?