Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Lucas attends preschool 3 times a week and generally quite enjoys it. He loves his teachers and the crafts and his friends there. This month they have had guest speakers come in and talk to the kids. First was a dentist, next was a fireman and today was a policeman. So once Lucas got home we tried to have a conversation about what the policemen taught him. I can't remember he says at first. But as he starts to eat more this is how the dinner conversation went

Me: So what did you learn about from the policeman?
Lucas : You know those silver circle thongs they have?
Me: Yeah
Lucas: Those are called handcuffs
me: Oh yeah, is that what the policeman taught you?
Lucas : Yeah. And he has this thing that zaps people
Darryl: Like a taser?
Lucas: Yeah a taser. But don't worry he didn't zap any of us.
Me: oh good

Of course Darryl and I are laughing at what a boy he is, what he remembers most about the visit is all the weapons the policeman has. We did probe him a bit more and found out the did talk about strangers and 911. Which I am sure is the majority of the conversation.

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Anonymous said...

This is funny. Elliot told me the policeman showed them his gun but said the same thing....don't worry mom, he didn't shoot any of us. Jon said, "What? You saw the Policeman's gun?" That was almost funnier than Elliot telling me about the gun. He also mentioned the hand cuffs.(silver things). hee hee....they are so funny. Michelle