Monday, January 04, 2010

ZooLights and Bowling

Darryl, myself and the kids all had the last week off to hang out and enjoy each other. I love my family and it is great to spend some time with them. We got out of our early morning and early nights routine. We stayed up and enjoyed each others company and slept in late in the mornings. That made this morning hard as it was the first morning back to regular routine, but I enjoyed the last week with my family. We went swimming, Zoolights, bowling, out for lupper and lots of fun playing with new toys. On a bad note my computer has taken another turn for the worst. I think I may need to order a new one. So if blog posts are not a frequent as normal it's becuase I have to use it in the kitchen and not at the couch. Here are some picture highlights of some things from last week.
Lucas and his friends bowling.
A great action shot of Lucas bowling.

Alexis and I warming up in some tropical plants at Zoo lights.

Nathan, Lucas and Lauren playing with some huge balls at zoo lights.

Walking through a lighted tunnel at zoo lights.

A lighted tiger/jaguar at night.

Warming up with hot chocolate at Zoo lights. It was a very very cold night.

Till Tomorrow.


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Goofball said...

zoolights? is that a night decoration at the zoo or something?