Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I can't believe how much Nathan copies Lucas. If Lucas laughs Nathan will. If Lucas starts to cry when he hurts himself Nathan will too. If I get Lucas a cold compress for his hurt, Nathan wants one too (even though Nathan didn't hurt himself). Nathan is pretty good about finding something similar to play with that Lucas is and doesn't try to take it from Lucas, but loves it when Lucas is playing cars or lego or something there can be alot of. If Lucas has something specific for breakfast Nathan wants the same thing. If Lucas gets a curly straw with his hot chocolate Nathan wants the same thing.

Today I really had to laugh, Lucas spilled milk on his leg at lunch. I wiped it up with a damp cloth and Nathan insisted I wipe his leg as well.

So when will this stop? If ever? I never really remember my sister copying me, a bit but very rarely, probably mostly to annoy me.

Till Tomorrow



Anonymous said...

It's so cute. I love it. It's died off a little for Elliot but he used to do it a lot too. He now does it to annoy Connor as you mentioned about Alexis did to you. Nathan might be different though. My sister did it to me as well. I took it to my advantage. Snowboarding was great. Elliot didn't want the lesson...he just wanted to go up and then come down, he told me several times. P.S. I am glad Darryl does the same thing as Jon with the accent thing. That makes me feel better. It's hysterical. Lesley thought so too. Michelle

Lori said...

I'm sure it drives Lucas nuts sometimes but that must be amazing to have someone idolize you so much!

I don't remember Darryl doing this with me. I only remember him mimicking me mercilessly until he nearly drove me MAD!!!!

Keep us posted...

Goofball said...

so how does Lucas respond?

Susan said...

Nathan may be a copycat, but I have noticed over the past week or so that Lucas someting copys what Nathan is doing