Monday, January 18, 2010

Monthly Newsletter: Month Fifty Three

Dear Lucas,

Well as another month passes I can't believe how fast time is going by. Maybe because I signed you up for kindergarten this month or a blog post I read by my friend Kim about what a short time our kids our at home and how soon they go off to school but it feels like you are growing up so quickly.

The good part of you growing up is that we get to share fun things together. There are some things that I am not very good at. I'm not good at the imaginary good guys, bad guys stuff or at building lego. Or playing guns and you can turn almost anything into a gun. Like the broom or eggs you are eating. But there are some things we really love to do together like playing games or baking. We are good at making different stuff together. I'm hoping that I can pass on the love of cooking and baking to you like my mom and my grandparents have done to me. You are also still loving the chapter books. We have read quite a few Ronald Dahl and Charlotte Web and Staurt Little. It's nice to get more indepth stories as well and that you don't need pictures to entertain you. You love stories and books and I'm glad that we are similar in that way too.

Speaking about kindergarten, we are putting you in a kindergarten in an english school and then moving to french school for grade one when it is full days. It's good because we sat down and had a conversation with you about it. Talked to you about the choices and your opinion helped us come to the final decision.

I love being with you and I love that you are growing up into your own person. I just have to conciously think about enjoying every moment as they all go by so fast.

love mommy

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Lori said...

I can't believe how old you're starting to look. Don't misunderstand're still cute as a button, but I don't think I can refer to you as a pre-schooler any more. You look more like you should be starting grade 1! You're smart as a whip and so funny...and I can hardly wait to visit in person again some day.

Love ya!