Tuesday, January 05, 2010

One More

When Lucas was Nathan's age we started trying to have another baby. I thought 2-3 years apart would work out well for our kids. Now we have two and Nathan is at that age where if we wanted another one 2-3 years apart we better get on it. The question that has been going through my head lately is are we done? But there are things on both sides of the fence on if we should have more or not.

We do love to travel and that would be a much bigger challenge with 3 kids. We have a three bedroom house, although the boys could share a room I guess. But I find babies to be so hard..... do I really want to go through all of that again? Nathan is just getting out of the hard stage, he is in the really fun stage. Do I really want to go back there again. Plus more kids cost more money. More food, more activities But am I forsaking "things" for having another person in our lives.

I love being a mom and Darryl is an excellent Dad. Plus I think it's great for kids to have siblings. There are more kids to play with, more kids to help out. It is adding a person to our lives who will enrich it for the rest of our lives.

When I look at my pros and cons paragraphs, the cons seem to be much longer. But the pros one seem to be more important..... Most people I know seem to have two kids, maybe because the con list is longer. Much fewer have three.

What about you? Are you done? How do you know when you are done?

Till Tomorrow



Anonymous said...

We would have had 3 kids for sure, but it was our ages that was the deciding factor for us.

A :-)

Jenna said...

As you know, we've got two girls. We have always wanted a boy, and I think that if we definitely knew the next one would be that, we wouldn't give it a second thought. Though either is a blessing, I have a hard time with the same things on your con list. Also, ours are now 5 and almost 4, and I am just not sure about going back at this point. Though, it is still on the table...not off of it yet, but we do have to make that decision quickly if we are going to do it.