Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mexico: The Animal Edition

We are back from sunny Mexico in cold and snowy Alberta. It was an excellent vacation, but one thing I like about going on vacation is coming home again. Over the next week I'll be giving you different editions and details of our trip. Here is the animal edition (there will also be a pool edition and a beach edition and maybe a food and drink edition). We stayed at a resort that was attached to Xcaret, which is a animal park as well as underwater snorkeling caves. Although if you ever go there bring your own snorkel (mom and dad). They try to bring that theme into the resort and have areas where animals are. They also carry around the animals and you can have your pictures taken with them. Two of the cool animals we did see, but didn't take pictures of were a monkey and deers. Here our the rest of the animals in "Mexico: The Animal Edition".

Lucas and I and the scarlet macaws they had in the lobby. Lucas really loved the birds.

Close up picture of the macaw.

He blends in well with the back ground but there is a coati there. There were wild and just running around.

In the lagoon where we were staying there were all kinds of fish swimming around. I'm not crazy about swimming with fish, but I kind of got use to it after a while. This picture is more when we were feeding the fish bread.

Oh another igunana

One of the animals on the resort were flamingos. We also saw them carrying the flamingos around, which was cool.
Turtle cage in the lobby.

Lucas and I holding an iguana
A butterfly (there were lots of them, around but hard to get a picture of)
The kids watching..... guess what..... another iguana
The resident/wild cat that lived off table scraps in the out door restaurant. I remember there was one at another all inclusive we were at as well. As you can see we blinded this one. As a side not if you notice the flooring here, Nathan would walk very gingerly anytime we were on flooring like this. It was cute and a fear he may get from me.
And of course I had to end it off with an igunana. Here he is on the archelogical ruins, also on the hotel grounds.

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Lesley said...

Swimming with the fish would freak me out! Houseboating gave me the heebie-geebies when the wee minnows would brush by me...I've got shivers just thinking about it.

Looking forward to more stories and pictures ;o) We missed you guys!

Lori said...

What a fun place to take little kids! I consider myself a little kid I would have loved the animals, too!

Lesley said...

You have a blogging award! Come visit me for details :o)

Goofball said...

why do you need to bring your own snorkel? can't you use some there that are available?

cool hotel with that many animals. I'm sure the kids loved it. Except for the iguana, yikes, they don't look like fun pets