Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Twenty One

Dear Nathan,

Happy 21 months bub-bub. This month continues the fun-ness we've been having with you. I remember Tammy saying one of her favourite ages was the time between 18 months and 3 years and I can totally see her point. You make people so happy, whether it's making the family laugh at Christmas when you enthusiastically agree with stuff or smiling at people in the grocery store and them smiling back at you, you spread alot of happiness.

You have taken to sleeping on the couch in your room. For a while it was just if we came in to see you in the night we would sleep with you on the couch, but now you sleep there all the time. We thought it would be a good idea to move you out of the crib and put you in a big boy bed, but you still like sleeping on the couch. It is fine with me as the couch is an old futon, so it has a good angle to keep you in the bed.

You really enjoyed Christmas this year, you enjoyed the tree and the lights and the presents. You would like to take every piece of paper off the present before actually paying attention to the present. You also took every present you your favourite person Pop to help you open it. Maybe because Pop has the little pocket knife but it got to the point that every present that was given to you, you'd say " Pop, Pop" and go sit on his lap to open it.

This month you have also started to play more independently. I'm not sure if it's all the new toys or your age, or maybe a combination, but you are much more willing to play on your own now rather then always having me play with you. It is great and weird to watch you grow into your own little person, it's nice to be able to do some things while you play in the play room.
More accepting of other people, including Daddy even if Mommy is around. We also really noticed over Christmas how you were much more accepting to lots of other people as well. You would get on people laps and show them things. Or if you try to grab my hand and take me somewhere and I won't go, you'll just go grab someone else's hand.

You still really want to be just like Lucas. Sometimes it drives Lucas crazy, but more and more he is getting to enjoy it. The other night you guys were actually playing together. You were on a ship and everything Lucas did you would just do (or at least try) to do the same thing.

love you


Goofball said...

he looks like such a happy kid

Lori said...

Oh, little man! Your smile is just so make me want to fly out there in an instant to kiss your cheeks!

Love you!