Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thanks Mom!

I was in a crappy mood today. You know when you are in a crappy mood everything seems so much worse then it is. But Mom and I had plans to go swimming this evening. Half and hour of swimming and 15 minutes of great conversation with my Mom totally changed my mood. So nice to have a good mother.

On a side note there is a funny story that happened over the Christmas holidays that keeps coming up but that I didn't blog about. While Alexis was here she had her birthday and bought mini Crave cupcakes. We went to her house for dinner and she gave Lucas one of the cupcakes. Nathan although cannot say more then 20 words but turned to Alexis and kind of shrugged and said "unh", like where is mine. It was so funny. For a kid who doesn't say a lot of words he can communicate a fair bit.

Till Tomorrow



Susan said...
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Susan said...

You're welcome. I enjoyed spending some alone time with you too. Love you.