Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Entertainment

The boys have been doing some cute things lately and I just wanted to remember them:

Lucas is wanting to know about himself or us as kids. Tell me a story about when I was a baby, or tell me a story about when you were a baby. It gets to the point where we are racking our brain trying to think of things, but he still wants to know. I wonder if he is that way, because I love to hear about people's childhood or if it's just a typical kid thing. I'm sure Alexis would say Life Mother like Son. Today he was asking stories about when Emma was a puppy (and we have lots of stories about her)

Also Lucas loves yelling the last word of a song. Lovely Darryl taught him this. So with our new favorite song So What, by Pink, sounds like this in our car...

i said SO WHAT
i'm still a ROCK STAR
i've got my ROCK MOVES
and i don't need you TONIGHT
i'm just FINE

Reading books to Nathan. We have a couple of books with mirrors in them or shiny windows and he loves to kiss himself in the mirror. He is also really fond of the books that have animal noises. He looks at me and smiles everytime I pick up the book with the noises. He is also loving the lift the flaps books. Ahh I love it when my kids enjoy books. You can just see his little face light up when I pick a book he loves.

Till Tomorrow



Alexis said...

yay!!! Thanks for putting up a video of that!!
and it was SO FUN!
and now my message IS DONE

get it.....??

Grammy said...

I loved the video, it was so cute. Glad Nathan is seeing the baby in the mirror. I think he responds to other children almost the same way.
Thank you for teaching my grandchildren about books, and my son too. It is so important in later life for them. Even I am enjoying reading again after quite a long time without.
Have a great day family!!!!!!!!!!!
Love to all, Grammy

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

I think its common for older siblings to want to know it was like when they were a baby just like their baby brother or sister is now

I like that song too

awww cute Nathan and hes getting a big boy fast
books are so good :)


Mackenzie said...

I loved that video!
I love that song SO MUCH!
Ha HA!
This is TOO FUN!
I see why Lucas LIKES IT!
I'm gonna start doing that with ALL SONGS!
My parents are gonna HATE ME!

That's too cute that Lucas wants to know about himself and you as a baby!
Hope your having fun out there!
Love ya!