Friday, November 14, 2008

Not So Self Sufficent

Although I claim to be self sufficient I am really grateful for all the help I have received and continue to receive. I am so proud of all of the things I can accomplish, because there is so much I cannot do.

I cannot bring a cup of tea from the kitchen to the living room, Lynda does it for me. I cannot get up in the night to get Nathan, Darryl does it for me. I cannot do anything quickly, Lynda helps me with that. I cannot take myself to my own doctors appoitment, my mother helps me. I cannot go shopping, my mother does my groceries for me. I cannot shower with no pain. It really hurts to have my cast off. I cannot go outside and play with Lucas, but Lynda is excellent at it.

Till Tomorrow



Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

I am proud of all can accomplish too
I was congratulating you on what you can do especially in like of the fact that it wasnt too long ago when you were worrying about how you would cope

bless Lynda, Darryl, and your mom
you are blessed to have such supportive people around you

LOVE the photos and it wont be long before you will be able to get out there and play again soon
in the meantime I pray that you wont be in too much pain


Lori said...

I think Grammy needs to put that picture of her and Lucas riding the plasma cars on all of her Christmas cards! I'm using it as my wallpaper on my computer and every time I see it it makes me smile!

Maybe she's not driving stick shift yet, but the plasma car is a good start!


Goofball said...

it can be sometimes hard to admit that one needs help....but sometimes we do. I'm glad you do get help!