Thursday, November 27, 2008

Different Kind of Picture: Week 3

On Sunday I went in for another x-ray and to see the doctor about my foot. A couple of things I learned was that it takes weeks for bone regrowth to show up on radiographs. So although there is no regrowth on the x-ray there may be in the bone. The good news is when she poked at the fracture it didn't hurt. So hopefully things are going well and I'll be able to do some weight baring on it in three more weeks.

Here are my radiographs.

Till Tomorrow



Anonymous said...

What does the "L" mean on the x-rays? Is it some type of directional guide or something?

Jenn said...

Good question, you'll notice anytime you have an x-ray they mark it with an R or L. Which indicates your right or left side. In case they need to do surgery... which can be important. I tell my students lots of stories about surgery on the wrong side.... oh yes it has happened.