Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Seven

Dear Nathan,

Today you turn seven months old and the good time keep on rolling. We are now in a time of your life where I can see you changing every week. The things that started last week are more advanced this week. I know you have spent months taking in stuff, but it's nice to see it start to show.

Physically things are changing so quickly. You are an excellent sitter, expect when Lucas tries to massage your tummy. It's good because as we making it through my broken foot you are good to sit and play for a while. You are also enjoying being up on your hands and knees. You have not started to crawl but I won't be surprised when it happens. A couple of times you will get up and rock back and forth on your knees. You will also get up on your hands and toes like a push up. We are at the point where everytime we change your bum you roll over on the change table. We have to physically restrain you so that we don't get poop all over the table.

Of course as you grow I can feed you more and more types of food. Which is great. Becuase we can go to Wendy's and I can give you some bun, some meat, some potato. It's funny becuase with Lucas I followed all the rules. Only one new food every three days. Just pureed food to start with. With you it's more about convenience, that and you are insistence about wanting what we are puttin in our mouth. You will grab cups and spill my milk. Or the other day I had you on my lap while we were at our friends house and you put your whole hand in my stir fry.

Your babbling is another thing that has increased each week. Your favorite syllable continues to be the "b". Ba, Ba, Ba all the time. You'll do it with big cheeks or really fast. You will screech if you want to be heard over the rest of your loud family. You are starting to become a talker, which is good because you have to keep up with the rest of it. We are starting to do sign language with you. You are doing any of the signs yet, but I am looking forward to when you start to communicate more with more.

You are really paying attention to everything around you. You love to be with Lucas and he makes you laugh. It's amazing to watch you watch him. I can see you learning from him all the time. Since you are not crawling yet, Lucas loves that he can give you whatever toy he wants you to have an you are good with that. If you have a toy he wants he can easily trade with you. One of the funniest thing is that he still praise you when you burp.

You also love to see your Daddy. When he comes upstairs after work (or lately any time you need to be moved) you give him this huge smile. You also have a special spot for Grandma's hug and Pop's smile.

And although you are still fond of most people I can see the tides are changing. We are getting into the "only my mother will do stage". Which I think I will enjoy more then I did with Lucas, because I know how quickly it will be over. Although you are a hair puller but you love to be close to me and spend time with me. And I do love you too, I love you so much.

love mommy


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

You have not started to crawl but I won't be surprised when it happens especially with mama crawling around
good role modeling :)

Love his smiles


Jenna said...

Oh my gosh, getting so big so fast. Those pics you have are absolutely breathtaking.

Goofball said...

oh that dalmatian costume is so precious on Nathan; Very cute