Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Different Kind of Picture....

Here are some pictures of the pain in my bum... or should I say foot.

Here is the AP view, you can see the arrow pointing at the fracture.
The oblique view which show the # best.
And the lateral. Heel is at the back toes at the front.

This is the lateral from yesterday. You can see that the fracture lines are a little more defined, although luckily the piece that has broke off has not moved at all.

THe oblique view again from yesterday, the best view of the fracture

And the AP again.

So the good news was yesterday got it x-rayed again and the piece hasn't moved. I go back for another x-ray again in two weeks.

Till Tomorrow



Lori said...

I know that the injury is a pain in the butt (foot) but the x-rays are really cool! Thanks for sharing them!

Lesley said...

At the risk of sounding stupid I'll admit that I had to enlarge the pics to see where the break was - it must be because I'm not wearing my glasses, ha ha.

The x-rays are pretty cool! I wish I had Alex's still, when we brought the first set to the bone clinic at the hospital we never got them back...although I never thought to ask for them either. I think I scanned them to post on the blog though. I'll have to check into that.

I emailed Andrea your deets and she'll be swinging by to pick you up for stamp class :o)