Monday, November 17, 2008

Monthly Newsletter- Month Thirty Nine

Dear Lucas,

Happy thirty nine months baby! This month has had it's ups and downs. In fact the other day ou told me you didn't love me and that you just loved Daddy. It kind of reminds me of when Nathan was born and I was not very fun either. It has been hard on me to have this broken foot, but I can also tell how hard it has been on you too. Our routine of going out, whtehr to a park or the library or grocery shopping has been thrown out of whack. One of the things I keep in mind is that I will probably remember these 6 weeks for much much longer then you will and even if you think you don't love me I know that you will becomes a mommy's boy again.

One of the advantages of having mommy laid up is that lots of people come to visit to help us. You have had a double dose of Auntie Karen this month. Once when she wsa here you started to bring her matchbox cars and asked where they were from. Of course they are all made in China, which is quite boring, so she started to make up different countries they were from, Abu Dabi, Zimbabwe etc. She had you laughing up a storm.

Grammie has also been around for the last week and a half which has been a great experience for you. You are at an age where this visit will help to make your relationship with her better throughout your life. She is great at playing with you. You have been sick today, and just wanting your mommy, but having Grammie here for this time will be good for you.

You and Nathan continue to be good friends. More and more he is fun to play with. You love to make him laugh. Yesterday you were running circles around him and he was laughing and laughing. You kept doing it, just to keep him laughing.

Your vocabulary has also expanded this month. I've heard you use lots of new words but your pronunciation make me laugh. One of the words is exploided, for the word exploded. Or the word spectacular, which you pronounce spectaclear. It so funny to hear you use these big words. Reminds me of how much you are growing up.

Last week Grandma bought you the Kung Fu Panda movie. It has been one of your favorite things to watch and do. You love to do "moves". You'll do kicks and "flips", but I'm thinking it's an early indiciation of showing what you may be interested in for the future. It is quite a funny movie too, so I don't mind that I've seen it 7 times in the last week.

This month you have also had a couple of adventures out on your own. I am proud of you that we can trust you to be a good kid out with a different group of people. It is what the job of parenting is alot about, teaching your kids how to deal with the world and how to be contrubuiting members of society. I think we are doing a good job, you are a great kid Lucas.

love mommy
Going out on your own


beth - total mom haircut said...

I love this post. And I love it when Sam makes Robby laugh. It's wonderful that you have so many people stopping in and entertaining and caring for the kids.

And if it makes you feel better, Sam told me today that he didn't want to be my son. And there's nothing physically wrong with me right now:)

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

love the photos

bless him

Im sure he will read this post one day and tell you that he really does love you

hope he feels better soon


Goofball said...

isn't it amazing and heart warming to see them grow up and learn continuously and evolve?