Sunday, November 16, 2008


Darryl's mom has graciously come to help me get through the first bit of one footed. One of the great benefits is that we try to impress her with our cooking. Or should I say Darryl's cooking because I haven't had to do much.

Last night he made a great steak, roasted potatoes and asparagus (crazy asparagus pee......) Tonight he made turkey dinner and it was great.

Gotta love Darryl....

Till Tomorrow



Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

bless Darryls mom
and Darryl sounds like a really good cook
good on him

Anonymous said...

Got to love a guy who can cook! My guy is really good too.

Anonymous said...

That comment was from me, George. I saw Alex and Rebecca's baby yesterday. She's very cute and tiny as she's only 2 weeks old.