Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Great Evening: Twilight Spoilers

Last night Lesley and I went out to see the movie Twilight, for the 5 of you (including my dad) who haven't heard of it, it's a famous series of books that they are making into movies. They are admittily teenage books as the main characters are both teenagers who fall in love. One of them happens to be a vampire and the book is all that ensues from there. The best part of the evening was the company. It was so nice to get out and I had such a fun time seeing the movie with someone who's read the book.

I was expecting very little from the movie last night. I know that the books are always better, they have more time to be more specific. So I was expecting much and I really didn't think that much of it. If you are interested here are my goods and bads(spoilers in it):


I do agree with Lesley that some of the acting was not good. Times where I thought, okay they should have done another take of that. For example, when Bella first walks into biology class and meets Edward. Edward makes a face that makes you think he's going to throw up. The whole theatre laughed. Maybe that was the point to be fun, but in the book it's described very differently. Also a scene where Bella is telling Edward not to leave after she was attacked, was IMO very over acted.

The makeup was also hit and miss. The first time I saw Carlisle I thought it was over the top. Too pale, too much.

They added scenes that were never part of the book and I didn't really see the purpose. Why have Victoria, Laurent and James kill other people? Why have them go on a field trip? I would have rather seen much more build up for Edward and Bella, which leads into my next beef. I also thought it was kind of endearing that Bella would cook for her father, why add a diner they go to instead? Poor Lesley may have been getting sick of me asking "was this in the book".

There didn't seem to be much buildup to the love of Edward and Bella. I read one review that said, they almost laughed out loud when Edward said it was better they not be friends, becuase they had only talked to each other twice. Before she goes professing her not being scared and love and trust, have a few more scences together.


I thought they did a really excellent job with Forks. The rain, the outfits, the trees, the scenery.

Charlie was so funny, I love the scene with the gun. I think they did a good job of enchancing his character in the movie.

Thought it was cool that Stepheine (the author of the books) did a cameo.

The chemistry between Bella and Edward was fantastic.

The scene where they are cooking dinner for Bella was also great.

Robert Pattison did a great job of Edward. I was really sceptical of the choice of actor for it, and although not all of his acting was amazing, he convinced me he was Edward. I did think he did an excellent job of portraying the vampire traits too (i.e. not blinking).

I was glad not to have to read too much of Bella blathering over Edward. (although I think that is worse in the 2nd and 3rd books).

Loved the prom scene, they looked great.

Okay I think that's it. For those of you who have seen it do you agree? Disagree?

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Alexis said...

What part did the author play? I didn't catch that

beth - total mom haircut said...

You and I had very similar complaints about it. I still really liked it though, which I said in my post about the movie as well. I want to see it again, in fact:) And yes, that part where they are in the hospital at near the end was a very bad acting moment for her.

Goofball said...

that book hype still didn't cross the ocean. I have heard from it before from you and some other bloggers.