Sunday, November 09, 2008

So I've already failed NaBloPoMo. But I will make this post a super long one and jump back on the wagon.

It has been a really busy weekend, we have been celebrating my mother's 50th birthday while my sister is in town for the weekend. Although we'll probably keep celebrating until her actual birthday, because you only turn 50 once right? Last night we went out for chateaubriand. It was amazing and melted in our mouths. I was glad that both kids were quite good. Although they continue to eat like I haven't fed them in months, but they must both be going through a growth spurt. Although we don't take them out to fancy restaurants very much (I'm too cheap for it and if I'm paying more then 10$ for my meal I want to enjoy it without having to make sure 2 other people get fed. ) it's nice that when we do they are well behaved.

Lucas also had two adventures this weekend without mom or dad. He went to a birthday party where we dropped him off and picked him up and then today our friends invited him to go to see some airplanes. Amazing how quickly he is growing up. It's nice for us, but a little strange too. It's good to trust him in these situations without us, but a little hard to let go as well.

Today we headed off to the spa for Mom's birthday and although we were all suppose to have pedicures, my broken foot put a downer on that, so I had a massage instead which was good, but my body feels more sore now. Probably becuase there were quite a few knots from the extra work it's had to do with the crutches. The other strange part about it was that a it was a male massage therapist. He did a great job, but I had to go into it saying. He's just doing his job, just like if it was a male x-ray technologist or male nurse. Afterwards we went to lunch and did a little shopping. But I learned I should really shop with crutches, espeically after a massage.

Once getting home I saw my kids and husband here waiting for me and I was so happy to be here. All night I had such a great time with Nathan, Lucas and Darryl. It is really fun to go out, but so nice to come home as well. Great to have a little "me" time today.

Till Tomorrow



Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

happy birthday to your mom

wow what a big boy Lucas is becoming


Goofball said...

oh wow is Lucas already going on playdates. Yep he's growing up fast!

Amber said...

Happy birthday to your mom! I think an extra long posts constitutes getting back on the blogging wagon. I didn't even attempt it for that reason!