Sunday, June 08, 2008

Soon We Can Play in Our Yard

Spent this weekend laying sod. Although the fence posts are not in, I am dying to play outside with the kids, so we put grass in the middle and left the sides for the bobcat to dig holes. But in a week or so we'll be able to play outside.

For the rest of the week it is suppose to rain, which is bad for our moods, but good for my sod. =). Here is a picture of the sky this evening. Raining for a bit, but hopefully sun to come.

Till Tomorrow



Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

roll on the next week or so
itll be fun :)

Goofball said...

yeaaaah playing outside rocks

isn't that a fence I see?

Lesley said...

What gorgeous, luscious, green grass you've got! I'm so freaking jealous - you've seen what our grass looks like :o(
I suppose it's a small price to pay when I've got a thousand little footsteps pounding away on it day after day.
Looks great! What a huge lot you've got - fabulous!

Jenn said...

How exciting to have grass! And fresh, smooshy sod is the best!