Sunday, June 01, 2008

Parenting Mixed in with a Bit of Luck

Lucas is such a great kid. I know I am biased when I say this, but this weekend I was so proud of my boy and everyone who has helped to raise Lucas.

On Saturday he went to Heritage Park with Grandma and Pop and they raved about what a good boy he was. Said he listened, held hands when he was suppose to, ate well, knew his limits of rides he could go on and most importantly made them laugh. That evening we went to a birthday party and he continued to listen, played with the kids, took off his shoes when he went inside, had great manners. He went to bed well that night.

Today we went and helped Darryl at the old house rebuild the deck and put sod down where the old deck was and Lucas really "helped". I thought I would have to entertain him but he raked and shoveled with me. He watched Darryl put screws in with his drill and Lucas tried to bang nails in with his toy hammer. He helped Darryl to measure and wore a tool belt just like his daddy. Even tonight and Grandma and Pop had to go home, he was said, but didn't throw a fit.

So all of you who helped with Lucas, give yourself a pat on the back, I'm giving myself one too. (hopefully I haven't jinxed myself for the week =)

Till Tomorrow



Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

your a good mom Jenn
and even if you days that arent so good youre still a good mom

and Darryl is a good dad
and your little men are blessed


Amber said...

I love those moments of motherhood when you realize that maybe you're not doing such a bad job and your kids will turn out all right. I had a few of those moments with my daughter this weekend who has always been a spitfire-of-a-kid. But finally, I am seeing the light. Enjoy that you are seeing yours much sooner than I. :-)

P.S. I LOVE Heritage Park. I can't wait to go biking around the reservoir this summer!

Allie said...

We miss Heritage Park ... and will certainly miss having a seasons pass there!!

I like those moments of triumph as a parent when you can step back with pride and know that you are doing something right. You can look upon your precious child and know that you are teaching them the proper skills to be successful in life. Great job Jenn!! I really look forward to meeting Lucas (for more than 2 minutes) one day and having our children play together ...