Friday, June 20, 2008

Monthly Newsletter- Month Thirty Four

Dear Lucas,

Whenever I write you a monthly newsletter I always go and read the month before to see what I mentioned and where the pictures end off. Luckily this newsletter will be much more positive then last month. Things have definitely improved for both of us. Your little brother is having longer naps in his crib and you and I are able to spend some more quality time together. Plus I think we are both getting use to a new normal. Things won't be like they were before Nathan was here, but there will be a new normal. Not to say I still don't feel like I'm neglecting you, but I've learned to get you some activity or snack before feeding Nathan.

One of the activies we have really been enjoying together is coloring. Your fine motor skills are really co,img along. You are getting much better at staying in the lines and coloring things, rather then just scribbling all over the page. You also are using your fingers with counting. You can hold up two fingers when asked how ld you are and three fingers when asked how old you'll be on your birthday. You are also fond of the dance move from the movie Pulp Fiction

You still have a really great imagination. I set up the tent and tunnel in your room that you got from Grandma and Pop on your first birthday and it has provided for quite alot of adventures. It has been our Puma home and a duck pond. We also had little "rests" in the tent.

Naps are few and far between, much to my sadness. But it does mean that bed time has been moved up, which works out, we just don't get a break in the day. Other then the week of solid rain we have been spending lots of time outside. We both love the new grass and love to be outside. It will be nice when we can put some bigger things on the yard (like the new pool), but we are both enjoying the spring and start of summer.

You continue to be a kid that everyone loves and you love everyone too. You love to spend time with a variety of people. One of your friends has been over a couple of times this week and it's great to watch you play with him and the things you tell him. It's also good because he is a little bit older and so sometimes we do things that are a bit more challenging. Like today we played the opposite game. You are still crazy about your brother and are happy that he is able to grab onto your hand more often and love it when he talks. You also totally enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Pop and Auntie Karen and Auntie Lexie.

But your favorite person is still your father. Things are evening out a bit between your want for him or I, but hands down you love the weekends when you have free access to him. He is such an amazing father to you. For example the other day you had pink eye. We had to put drops in your eyes. I was all ready to hold you down and pry your eye open, while Daddy squirted it in. His approach was all together different. He had me put the eye drops in his eyes first to show you it didn't hurt, then you were fine to do it. He made it into a game. What a great dad!

You continue to be a kid I'm proud to say is mine.

i love you Lucas



Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

pleased for naps and the ability for you and Lucas to spend some time together

good plan that is getting something for Lucas to do before nursing Nathan

Lucas is a neat kid :)


Lori said...

You're growing up so quickly. You've lost that chubby baby/toddler look and have morphed into a little boy!

I love you!

Aunt Lori