Thursday, June 05, 2008


I love that both my kids have taken a soother. I like that I have some help when they need to be soothed, especially in a restaurant or other public place. Since I breastfeed I'm glad for them to have some sucking time that does not include me.

So tonight Nathan was falling asleep in his bed and he was having trouble. We were using the soother to help him. He would be falling into a deep sleep and the soother would fall out of his mouth when his lips relaxed. Then he would go to suck it again and it would be gone, causing him to wake and cry. So I would go up and put it back in. One of those times he got a good look at me and gave me a big smile. Rather then trying to duck so I wouldn't distract him I gave him a big smile back. We spent the next couple of minutes just smiling at each other rather then trying to get him back to sleep, even though sleeping was probably the best thing for him.

Till Tomorrow



Goofball said...

that is such a heartwarming little episode. I am totally melting.

Lori said...

Awww! I can hardly wait to meet Guy Smiley in person. Here's hoping for good Westjet sales to offset that nasty new fuel surcharge. Ugh.


Allie said...

We would probably be in a padded cell(s) if my children didn't become attached to their soothers. They both need(ed) a lot of oral stimulation and became at ease with the comfort that a pacifier could provide. It was so reassuring, especially when out in public or in the middle of the night, that we had a back up to help defuse an emotional breakdown on both the baby's part and Mommy's part.

Believe me - I am still dependent on that thing, perhaps even more than Masyn right now who is 15 months. So, if that makes you selfish, I would hate to see what word describes me. :)